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Held in partnership with The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

At a time when government, private donors and the general public are increasingly placing value on nonprofits that are able to demonstrate measurable impact, grantmakers will be well served to find better ways to think about and support evaluation. The Learning Conference convened more than 200 leaders in philanthropy to explore ways to improve learning and evaluation so that grantmakers and nonprofits alike have a better understanding of what works.

Recognizing that grantmakers have different approaches to similar issues and that there is no “silver bullet,” the conference featured diverse perspectives, strategies and solutions that grantmakers are using to understand the impact of their contributions.

Sessions at the conference explored questions such as:

  How can grantmakers support common frameworks for learning and understanding impact across investors, locations and programs?
  How can we engage stakeholders and community members in the development of learning and evaluation systems? How can we leverage our networks for better learning?
  How can we make learning and evaluation a priority within our organization and dedicate the right amount of time and resources at all levels to learn successfully?
  What capacity do grantmakers and grantees need in order to effectively evaluate and learn about their work?
  How can we ensure that both grantmakers and grantees are using evaluation processes to inform their grantmaking decisions and management of their organizations?

Session Highlights:

Breakouts — This year’s conference featured interactive breakout sessions designed by thought leaders in the field.

Short talks — New in 2011, the program featured short speaker presentations which presented provocative and innovative ideas from leaders within and outside the field of philanthropy.

Open space/facilitated conversations — In another new session format, attendees participated in an in-depth exploration of issues important to their foundation’s learning. Attendees were able to ask each other questions, explore their experiences and draw practical conclusions to apply in their work.
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Be a part of the continuing conversations and connect with fellow attendees using the GEO twitter channel at http://twitter.com/geofunders and the conference hashtag #2011geo or check the conference Facebook event. Read blog posts from members of the GEO community and share your comments on our What's New? Blog.

What's New? Blog

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